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You're someone who is looking to MAKE SOMETHING OF YOURSELF FOR YOURSELF!  
Maybe you're tired of corporate or maybe you want to make more $$ than a stationary location.

WELCOME to running a mobile business! 

Why GoMobile Conversions?

1. We provide LOW Mileage, Well Maintained vehicles with New Conversions 
    at Unbeatable prices! Sound unbelievable? Click here to see our process.

2. Our conversion process provides you a great mobile unit with a lot of money-making years ahead without     BREAKING the bank and putting financial stress on your business and personal finances.

3. Each van is unique. Find one that you LOVE in our inventory or we can find and build one that you'll LOVE.     We will convert your own vehicle too. 

4. We try our best to build our conversions to be practical and easy to use and maintain. 



Summer Sale
Now - September 30th, 2016
Over $400 value!

Paw Brothers® Professional Hydraulic Z Style Grooming Table (36" x 24")
  Our Story

​Mindy (Burkett) Petramalo, one of the founders of GoMobile, started a stationary pet grooming shop in 1998 at the age of 13. When she moved to Provo, Utah in 2004 to attend Brigham Young University, she started a mobile grooming service to put herself through school. Her and her father, Charles Burkett, built the company's first mobile dog grooming conversion van. In 2006, Mindy married her husband Joseph Petramalo. Shortly after, he learned the mobile grooming trade. A year later they wanted to upgrade their old, primitive grooming van. They soon realized they could not and did not want to pay $80,000+ for a "name brand" grooming van and didn't want to pay $40,000 for a used van that already had a lot of wear and tear. They saw there was a need for groomers who wanted to go mobile without having a mortgage-size payment for their vehicle. That's how their mobile conversion vehicles came about. ​Their vans and process allows businesses to have a great mobile unit with a lot of money-making years ahead without BREAKING the bank and putting financial stress on the business owner's business and personal finances. They have seen mobile groomers go under soley because the payments of their expensive vans are more than a new business can handle. They want their customers to succeed with flying colors and feel their product is a great start to financial success.They love their business and love helping others in their businesses as well. 

​How we do it

 How do we sell our units with brand new conversions between $18-35k? Most of our vans come from senior or medical centers. The vehicles we convert have low miles for these commercial vehicles (usually under 100k on gas and 125k on diesels) and were very well maintained. Buying a used vehicle lowers the cost drastically. And we build our mobile units at our home shop. This keeps our operational costs low. The outcome: a great product, low cost, and more money in your pocket. We have been using our own units in our mobile businesses (both pet grooming and mobile massage) and have helped hair stylists get their salons on wheels for over 9 years. Those years have provided us with a lot of experience.  We continue to improve and add innovations to our conversions because we personally operate our units as well as get input and ideas from our groomers and massage therapists. We never stop improving and adding value to our mobile units.

 With our experience of owning and operating mobile businesses since 2004, we're also happy to answer your questions and help provide you with ideas and information to help you get your mobile business running and prospering. 

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