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Our Story!
GoMobile Conversions

​Mindy (Burkett) Petramalo, one of the founders of GoMobile Conversions, took a grooming course at 11 years old and opened a pet grooming shop at the age of 13. She ran her shop until moving to Provo, Utah in 2004 to attend Brigham Young University. She then started an in-home service for several months until her and her father, Charles Burkett, built the company's first mobile dog grooming conversion van.

In 2006, Mindy married her husband Joseph Petramalo. Shortly after, he learned the mobile grooming trade. A year later they wanted to upgrade their old grooming van. They soon realized they could not and did not want to pay $80,000+ for a "name brand" grooming van and didn't want to pay $40,000+ for a used van that already had a lot of wear and tear on the equipment. They realized groomers who wanted to go mobile without having a mortgage-size payment needed a better option for a vehicle. That's how their mobile conversion vehicles came about. ​

Their vans and process allows businesses to have a great mobile unit with a lot of money-making years ahead without breaking the bank and putting financial stress on the business owner's business and personal finances. They have seen mobile groomers go under soley because the payments of their expensive vans are more than a new business can handle. They want their customers to succeed with flying colors and feel their product is a great start to financial success.They love their business and love helping others in their businesses as well. 

Joseph and Mindy Petramalo - Owners
​Joseph and Mindy met in their latin dance class at Brigham Young University in 2006. 
​They were assigned as rumba and samba competition partners. Little did they know they would become marriage partners and as well as business partners. 

They had their first daughter, Alivia in 2009. She has a very independent personality and is the CEO of their family and office, or so she thinks. 

James arrived in 2011. He is a sweet and laid back boy with a big heart who loves to serve and help others. 

Next came Carter in 2014. He is a "little" tank and has a joking personality. He keeps everyone laughing.

The caboose, Charlotte, was born in 2016. Unlike the other children, she's a mama's girl and daddy comes second. 

In their "free-time" Joseph and Mindy love to travel with their children and experience new things around the nation or abroad. They joke that the love of traveling is the one thing they have in common.
Let Us Put Your Business in Motion
Joseph and Mindy Petramalo

Mary Petramalo - Graphic Designer

Why hello! My name is Mary Petramalo and I have a passion for the artistic realm!!

I specialize in logo/branding and marketing design. More than anything, I love being given a challenging project and seeing what I can design and how it will be used to aid companies to reach their goals.

With a professional identity, a company states its importance in the world. A eye-catching and memorable brand identity is key to a business’ success, and I have worked hard to be able to give my clientele the professional quality they deserve so as to increase their notability and profit.

Whether you need a logo, business card, brochure, banner or other marketing material, shoot me an email and I would love to start working with you on your next step in your marketing strategy.

-Mary Petramalo | |