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​Do you offer financing?
We're partnered with Full Circle Finance to get you the funding needed. Full Circle understands the needs and restrictions of start-up businesses. Their application is simple and decisions are based off more than just your credit score. They loan on a dollar amount vs. a particular vehicle. The means if you qualify for more than the unit, you have the choice to use the extra for start-up costs.  This is a huge benefit over a traditional bank that might need to see business tax returns from previous years and will only finance the value of the stock vehicle. 

What is an inverter and when would I use it?
An inverter is a device that takes direct current (DC) and converts it into alternating current (AC). In other words, it takes 12v power from deep cycle batteries and converts it into 110v power that most, if not all, of your grooming tools need need to operate. Your tools will be plugged into outlets that you would find in a house or shop. We use large inverters that will handle running your equipment including a dryer. However, the inverter system cannot run the rooftop air conditioner. You can operator your entire business without the need of a generator if you supply power to your rooftop AC, when needed, with a shoreline (heavy-duty extension cord). However, this power is NOT unlimited. The power supplied by the batteries will be depleted as you use your equipment. The larger the power draw from your equipment the faster it will be depleted. For example, a high velocity dryer pulls significantly more power than clippers. 

What is a generator and when would I use it?
A generator is a gas-powered engine that creates electricity. Outlets in the front of the grooming unit are supplied with power from the generator. This will provide power to operate the entire mobile shop INCLUDING the rooftop AC. The size of the generator will determine how much power is created, which in turn equates to how much power you can use at once or how much equipment it can power together. 

What is shoreline power and when would I use it?
Shoreline power is power supplied from the customer's home to your grooming van by an extension cord (we recommend a 10 gauge cord under 50'). Using shore power in the grooming van can be setup to operate several ways. 
1. The entire mobile shop can operate off of shoreline power.
2. The AC only can be powered by a shoreline.
3. Or you can have the option to choose shoreline or a generator to power the same equipment, when a generator is installed.

What at are the pros and cons between a generator and an inverter?

    Independence - 
    With the generator, you are capable of operating completely independently. You are not reliant on the customer's power. 
    With an inverter you can also operate completely independently UNLESS you need the rooftop AC. In that case you will need to plug     into a shoreline power source. The amount of dogs you can groom will depend on the draw of power used, mostly from your dryer size     and how long it is used for. 
    Supply - 
    A generator will give a continuous power supply, as long as maintained and provided with fuel. 
    An inverter will supply power until the batteries are depleted. The amount of dogs that can be groomed on a charge will vary mostly with     dryer size and amount of time used or other large, high draw equipment. When switching from a stationary shop, most groomers can     groom 4-8 dogs on a charge. With a practice, you can groom approximately 6-10 dogs on a charge (depending on power consumption       of the grooming equipment and mainly the high velocity dryer). More batteries can be added, if desired.
    Operation - 
    A generator creates noise, heat, and emissions
    An inverter runs extremely quiet and almost noiseless. 

Can I use solar?
Yes. However you will need an additional power source. The solar panel can be connected to the generator's battery or the batty bank that feeds the inverter. This will provide a small charge for these batteries. Each solar panel is 100 watt with enough roof space to hold up to 2 panels. This is also a good way to advertise that you're going "GREEN." 

So what power supply should I choose?
Depends on your climate!
Our standard layouts are equipped with the inverter system and 4 deep-cycle batteries as well as 2 shoreline inlet options.

Not so Hot climates (Yes your summers may feel hot in Utah, but we are HOTTER in Arizona!) - If you're in a climate that only needs AC several months out of the year, it may be a good option for you to go the inverter route. Here's why...Let say you need you AC May-August. For those 4 months, you will need to use a shoreline to plug into the customer's power when the AC is needed. The remaining 8 months you are still independent with the inverter system. This way of operating allows you to minimize your startup and maintenance costs by being able to operate without a generator. However, maybe you want to be completely independent year around. Then read the HOT climate section below.
HOT climates (souther regions on the US) - We suggest either switching the inverter out for a generator (we give you $500 credit back for the inverter) or adding a generator to the inverter system. By switching from an inverter to a generator, all your power is supplied by the generator, which will run the AC as well as the grooming tools. By adding a generator to the inverter system, you're able to operator the entire shop without the generator until the AC (or additional power) is needed. Let's say you're in the cooler months and you don't need your AC, the you can operate the whole shop with the inverter system and save the hours and fuel of the generator. You're clippers, lights, water pump and many other tools do not pull much power! There's no need to run a large generator just to turn those one. So if you can swing the extra to leave in the inverter system, it will pay itself off. 
Solar can be added to any setup as a little extra boost. 

Can I get more than the 55 or 65 gallon water tank? 
Yes. Even though 55-65 gallons is usually an ample amount of water for a typical groomer, larger tanks can be installed. 

How does the hot water work.
The entire water tank is heated. This eliminates the waiting time for water to reheat or the "hot" water from an on-demand system that just doesn't quite get hot enough. The temperature is set on the water tank by adjusting the thermostat. The tank is filled after work, plugged in, and left to heat. Once the desired temperature is reached, the hot water tank will shut off. If you're unable to plug the vehicle in at night due to where it is parked, please call us to discuss alternative methods. 

Can I bring you my own vehicle?
Yes! We are happy to have your vehicle brought to us. However, we have resources that allow us to purchase vehicles that are usually better priced than what is available to the public. But we are not opposed to any vehicle or trailer you want to supply. 

Can you find me a different vehicle than what's in you inventory?
Yes. We stock what is most commonly used, but are able to find the make/model/year/mileage/motor/ect... that you're looking for. Call us for what you're wanting and we will begin the search. We will contact you with possible options. Once you decide on a vehicle, half of the conversion is due before purchasing the vehicle. This is different than our $1,000 deposit for vehicles in stock because this vehicle will be yours. Since it's one that we didn't stock, we want to ensure that this is the vehicle you want and will purchase before we pickup or transport the vehicle back to our location. 

Can I make customizations?
Absolutely! We are not a cookie-cutter conversion company. You know no two business owners are the same! So why should two business vehicles be the same!?
We can discuss your needs over the phone or in person. Either way, we'll make it the business vehicle you've dreamed of. 

Do you build to city codes?
Yes. However, it is your responsibility to provide us with your area's codes and regulations before we finalize your quote and begin the conversion. 

When will my conversion be finished?
Completion times vary based on preexisting orders and what your conversion entails. Once your deposit is made, your vehicle's conversion will be started in the order that that deposit was received. Most are completed between 2 weeks (for a vehicle that is in stock and about completed and just waiting for finishing details once ordered) to 3 months (for vehicles that are order and started from the beginning and has a bit of customizations or ordered in our rush a groomer, you know when that is). 

Do you offer shipping or hauling? 
Yes and No. We can help arrange a third party car hauler or another driver to deliver your vehicle. If you decide to have a third party drive your vehicle, it becomes your vehicle and responsibility once the vehicle leaves our dealership. Most third party haulers and driver's provide their own insurance coverage, but it is your responsibility to verify to your satisfaction. 

How can I see the van before I purchase it?
You are welcome to come see the vehicles in person. However, most of our customers are long distance. We are happy to do a walk through with pictures, FaceTime, or Skype. 

Is there a warranty?
Yes. Most of the equipment, especially the large items, will come with their manufacturers' warranties. For example air conditioner, furnaces, inverters, batteries, and pumps. There are no warranties on the vehicle itself. We have a standard inspection process we complete on each vehicle. See Inspection Form to see what is inspected. If any repairs are found, we complete these before the vehicle leaves. We try our best to ensure that your vehicle is ready to hit the road on day one. ALSO we are happy to take your vehicle to a third party mechanic shop of your choice to have them complete any inspections you'd like to have done. 

What were the vehicles previously used for?
Many of our vehicles come from seniors or medical centers and occasionally government vehicles. We look for gently used and well maintained vehicles. This reduces the cost of the vehicle drastically while providing many fantastic money-making years left for your business. Click here for more details.

Are the prices listed on the site for just the vehicle or does that include the conversion as well?
We get asked this question a fair amount. This actually makes us happy that customers view our prices so good that they think the advertised price could be just for the vehicle, but good new... IT'S THE ENTIRE CONVERSION completed with the listed equipment under that specific vehicle! 

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