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Liquid Propane Atwood Furnace - LP furnaces provide maximum heat for cold climates. Furnace will be mounted, ducted, and wired with a surrounding box.

PROS: High heat output and very minimal noise. Runs independently without need for generator or shoreline.
CONS: LP to refill.
Price: $1,800
Heat Pump 

PROS: Can both heat and cool indoor space by moving heat instead of generating heat, which makes it more energy efficient. Powered by electricity, so you save on fuel. Unlike a gas furnace, heat pump does not run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
CONS: In near freezing temperatures, the heat pump could take more energy. Not recommended for temperatures below freezing. 
Price: $450
Heating Element  

PROS: Built into rooftop air conditioner.
CONS: For mild climate areas only such as southern states. Mild heat.
Price. Included with standard conversion.
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